Cocojr. started his career as (p)resident DJ of the legendary Ghent discotheque “Cirque Central”, undoubtedly one of the funkiest nightspots the city has ever known, and the favourite hangout for “le beau monde artistique”. He quit the then immensely popular Dinky Toys about 25 years ago and recorded his first solo album in Kingston, Jamaica with Sly & Robbie.

Thenceforth, Coco mainly focused on live-performances with his party bands ‘The All Stars’ and ‘The Kings of Pop’, played reggae with ‘Vibes Alive’ & ‘De Dub’ieuze Decibelgen’, jazz with ‘Jazzrowski’ and a combination of DJ and live vocals with ‘Truephonic’. He co-starred in the fourth season of “Liefde Voor Muziek” and made the highly appreciated cover album “Rediscovered” for JOE, the radio station. 

In addition to being a DJ, singer, author-composer, musician, arranger and producer, Coco is also a notorious stage beast, a top entertainer who effortlessly captures every audience with irresistible seduction tricks and wisecracks. Exactly 20 years ago, he founded “Cocojr. & The All Stars “, a party band with high rated musicians, and a breeding ground for successful collaborations. What started out as a project to fill the gap between 2 records quickly became a widely accepted quality label, with almost a thousand shows on its resume.