Cocojr. Is one of the founding members of Afrodidact.

Afrodidact stands for innovative quality basic education in The Gambia.
We provide training, education and technical expertise. We are putting the basic needs of the children first.

Therefor cooperation with the local community is crucial. Health, safety, hygiene and wellbeing of the children and staff are given close attention. We address gender disparity by focusing on the importance of girl’s education. 

The pedagogical and didactical approach focuses on the importance of real-life learning. Children at The Swallow (our model-school in The Gambia) are given the opportunity to experiment, to do research, to explore and discover in a fun and friendly environment.

Afrodidact advocates emancipating education. We opt for sustainable development by ensuring that all students are equipped with the skills they need to become active, responsible and engaged citizens. The pedagogical method has been developed in practice at The Swallow. Afrodidact’s main objective is to promote this method, and to inspire and/or coach other schools, teachers and organisations.

Via Kubo, an affordable intuitive digital school platform, initially developed by Shane Deconinck during his internship at the Swallow, we can provide ongoing monitoring and data collection in the schools we are working with.